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Mac Disk Utility to Create a RAID 1 (Mirror) Array

You can use Apple's Disk Utility to create software-based RAID arrays. In order to create a RAID 1 mirror, you will need a few basic components.

Mac OS X: How to combine RAID sets in Disk Utility - Apple ...

Jun 09, 2016 · RAID sets can be combined in a variety of ways to increase their usefulness. For example, you can create a RAID 10 set by combining a mirrored RAID and a ...

RAID Utility User Guide - Apple

RAID Utility User Guide Instructions for setting up RAID volumes on a computer with a Mac Pro RAID Card or Xserve RAID Card

Mac Raid - Image Results

Backup your Mac with AirPort Time Capsules. Safekeep all of your music, photographs and films. Buy online with fast, free shipping.

Storage - Mac Accessories - Apple

Feb 19, 2015 · Create a Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) set to optimize storage performance and increase reliability in case of a disk failure. You can also ...

Disk Utility (Yosemite): Create a RAID set

Apple removed the ability to create and manage RAID volumes in OS X El Capitan Disk Utility. Here's a workaround to create RAID volumes via Terminal.

How to Create RAID Volumes in OS X El Capitan - TekRevue

RAID 0, also known as a striped RAID, is used to increase storage speed, resulting in better performance for your Mac. OS X supports most RAID types.

RAID 0: Stripe Hard Drives for Better Mac Performance

Power Mac Quad G5, ... What is RAID Hide Question. Helpful answers; All replies; by Kappy, ... Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks.

What is RAID | Official Apple Support Communities

SoftRAID's software RAID system for Mac protects your files from sudden disk failure, constantly monitors and tests disks for reliability, and to ensure they aren't ...


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