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What is .VOB, .BUP, .IFO files and how to play them ...

What is .VOB, .BUP, .IFO files and how to play them? 10/21/2010, Daisy Wood, DVD Solution, .VOB, .BUP, .IFO files are files directly from a DVD movie disc.

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Video players may not allow DVD navigation when IFO or BUP files are absent. Images, video and audio used in DVD menus are stored in VOB files. Copy protection

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Converting DVD Files to Other Formats. ... The VIDEO_TS folder contains files with BUP, VOB and IFO extension. AVS Video Converter uses VOB and IFO files.

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I got a copy of a DVD and don't know how to play it. There are .VOB .IFO and .BUP files in the VIDEO_TS folder, which isn't an ISO or anything I can

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BUP, VOB and IFO are DVD files. Each format is a specific tool that DVDs use to play on a DVD player. BUP is a back-up file. VOB is the main video, which is similar ...

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Easily convert DVD ripper VOB IFO BUP files to MP4 for playing, editing and sharing on Windows/Mac with ease.

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Step. Open the folder on your hard drive that contains the VOB, IFO and BUP files that you want to burn to DVD. Once in the folder, right-click into any empty area in ...

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playing \video_ts with .ifo, .bup, and .vob files. Hi, I have a DVD (not copyright protected) from which I have copied the contents to my hard drive.

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Dec 17, 2010 · HI, guys, you should know, IFO and BUP files are information files, VOB file is video DVD video file which use MPEG2 codec to encode video data, so you ...

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