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XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes Second Edition

Part 2 of the specification of the XML Schema language. It defines facilities for defining datatypes to be used in specifications. (W3C Recommendation 2 May 2001)

Media Types - Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

Media Types Last Updated 2017-06-27 Registration Procedure(s) Expert Review for Vendor and Personal Trees. Expert(s) Ned Freed (primary), Murray Kucherawy (secondary)

id Software - Official Site

Developer of the Quake and Doom series.

Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks - Geology

Photographs and information for a large collection of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.

Download Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Feature Pack from ...

The Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Feature Pack is a collection of stand-alone packages which provide additional value for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012.

Product Spotlight at davidson's Firearms ...

Wholesaler and distributor. Dealer locations, gun specifications and gallery. Password required to enter dealer section.


Imleagues and the Imleagues staff have been a great addition to our program! The site is constantly evolving and getting better and better! The staff is always ...

Stripe API Reference

API Reference. The Stripe API is organized around REST. Our API has predictable, resource-oriented URLs, and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors.

The FSA ID | Federal Student Aid

The FSA ID lets you access your personal information on certain U.S. Department of Education websites and sign documents such as the FAFSA form.

Free Download | Mozilla Firefox® Web Browser

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