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In Microsoft Word, how can I use the AutoRecover feature to ...

ARCHIVED: In Microsoft Word, how can I use the AutoRecover feature to restore a document? Microsoft Word allows you to make an automatic backup of your working document.

Auto Recovery for Word Documents |

Auto recovery is a key feature in Microsoft Word, allowing you to retrieve documents if your system crashes.

Automatically save and recover files - Office Support

Use AutoSave and AutoRecover to save or recover files automatically in Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You can set several options for these features.

Finding AutoRecovery / Autosave in Word 2013 - Microsoft ...

Microsoft Word 2013 is equipped with an autosave feature that saves the document automatically if you do not save it. However, for the autosave feature to work, you ...

Word 2010 - AutoRecover File Location

Aug 15, 2011 · If you have more basic usage questions with Word you can also visit the forums ... I need to change the auto recover location to the users home share ...

How Word creates and recovers the AutoRecover files

Sep 17, 2011 · This article describes how Microsoft Word creates and recovers AutoRecover ... If you click Yes, Word attempts to recover all or part of the file.

How to AutoRecover Your Unsaved Files in MS Word | Technical ...

How to Autorecover Unsaved Files in MS Word 2010 ... If you save a Word file multiple times and it’s not saving, that means the Word is not working properly.

Document Recovery from Autosave

This document explains how to recover a Word document that unexpectedly quit or was not saved. ... When reopened, there is no option to recover from auto-save.

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